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Why do companies use Businesswire just to be backstabbed?

Commscope, Inc. has been a loyal Businesswire customer, using Businesswire to publish various news and earnings releases. See below, for example, which includes Commscope press releases just during a two week period earlier this month.

On October 25, 2010, CommScope announced that Carlyle Group, a Washington-based leveraged buyout firm, is in talks to buy Commscope for about $3 billion, a deal the companies eventually agreed to on October 27, 2010. Commscope used Businesswire to announce the merger.

And then guess what happens? Businesswire allows tons of law firms to use their service and publish advertisements (in the form of legitimate “news releases”) investigating the merger (see below). Why on earth would Commscope use Businesswire just to be backstabbed like that? Businesswire is greeeeeeeeedy! The ten or so press releases investigating the merger will bring Businesswire thousands of dollars, but it can’t possibly compare to the tens of thousands of dollars it has and will receive from Commscope’s business. Commscope should teach Businesswire a lesson and drop them like a bag of bad apples.

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