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Top 10 CEOs in Prison

Here are the top 10 CEOs of puclic companies in prison.

1. Jeff Skilling, former CEO of Enron – Serving 24 years for fraud, insider trading, and other crimes related to the collapse of Enron.

2. Bernie Ebbers, former CEO of WorldCom – Serving 25 years for accounting fraud that cost investors over $100 billion

3. Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco – Serving 8 to 25 years for stealing $134 million from Tyco

4. John Rigas, former CEO of Adelphia Communications -Serving 25 years for bank, wire, and securities fraud related to the demise of Adelphia.

5. Sanjay Kumar, former CEO of Computer Associates – Serving 12 years for obstruction of justice and securities fraud

6. Walter Forbes, former CEO of Cendant -Serving 12 years for fraud

7. Richard Scrushy, former CEO of HealthSouth – Serving 7 years for bribery and mail fraud

8. Joseph Nacchio, former CEO of Qwest Communications -Serving 6 years for insider trading

9. Sam Waksal, former CEO of ImClone – Served 7 years for securities fraud (released last year)

10. Martin Grass, former CEO of Rite Aid – Served 6 years for fraud and obstruction (just released this year)

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